WEH® Connector TW67 for filling of gas cylinders with male thread, connection by hand-tightening, max. 250 bar / max. 375 bar

The WEH® Gas Filling Connector TW67 for male threads is simply screwed onto the cylinder valve and the pressure-tight connection is made.

The TW67 is suitable for gas cylinders with a nominal operating pressure of 200 bar resp. 300 bar and is available in four different designs: short version for pallet filling or extended version for bundle filling, inline version or 90° version. All connector configurations are available for cylinder valves with or without a residual pressure valve.

Max. allowable operating pressure PS
250 bar (3,600 psi) resp. 375 bar (5,440 psi)
Temperature range
+5 °C up to +80 °C
+5 °C up to +60 °C (O₂)
Inert/flammable gases, oxygen, argon, nitrogen
Media inlet B1
M16x1.5 male thread
Leak rate
1 x 10-3 mbar x l/s
Manual actuation via grip sleeve
Sealing material
Acc. to gas type
Conformity / Tests / Approvals
Type approval for suitability against adiabatic compression available
Marketing Features
  • Compact design
  • High-grade materials
  • Inline or 90° version available
  • Suitable for pallet and bundle filling
  • Version for residual pressure valves or non-residual pressure valves available

Manual Connector for filling of gas cylinders with male thread and with or without a residual pressure valve (pallet and bundle filling).

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Data sheets
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