Fast and clean changes thanks to flat-face couplings

WEH has the solution for hydraulic applications and systems. A product that works reliably even under heavy loads.

Expanded Portfolio

Do you have hydraulic applications where lines need to be connected and disconnected frequently? Do you deal with hard impacts with dynamic force and sudden changes in flow direction? Then the WEH® Flat-Face Couplings are the right choice for you.

WEH has recently added quick connect couplings to its portfolio. The Flat-Face products score high on durability, long-term stability in "Heavy Duty" applications, and high bursting and operating pressures.

Why are we so confident?

One of the reasons is that the Plug-in Fittings (TRN1) are optimized during the manufacturing process using the case hardening method. This enables us to achieve a maximum possible surface hardness on the entire front part of the fitting. A major advantage in challenging applications. 

The WEH® Flat-Face Quick Connect Couplings are not only tough, but also environmentally friendly. In contrast to the old ISO-A or ISO-B couplings with conical valves, the loss of media is significantly lower when changing with a flat-face coupling. Our flat-sealing system ensures that there are no hydraulic oil leaks. This is not only good for the environment, it is also good for your budget. No cleaning costs, no refills of hydraulic oil.

Exceeds Standard ISO 16028

Exceeds Standard ISO 16028

Customers who rely on WEH® Flat-Face Quick Connect Couplings count on the following features: fast, simple, clean, and safe. The couplings exceed the requirements of the applied standard ISO 16028 in many aspects.

The WEH® Quick Coupling System consists of the TRC1 Quick Connect Coupling and the TRN1 Plug-in Fitting. The coupling system can be connected on both sides to conventional hydraulic hoses with fittings with BSP thread. Other connection sizes and types are available upon request.

Product Overview

All advantages, key information about the products, and technical details are available in our product overview: