Opt for safety: WEH Service​ 

You have chosen a WEH product, which means quality and safety.
Your satisfaction is our top priority – especially after purchasing our products.
Our service team are here to assist you as reliable and skilled contacts when it comes to the service life of our products.  

That’s what we call excellent service!

The quality of our products is the major benefit for our customers. You don’t just replace WEH® Products – you send them to our service team.  

The benefits for you:    

  • Our experts inspect and repair your devices in a reliable, rapid and safe manner.  
  • In the process, we comply with all national and international requirements.  
  • We exclusively use original spare parts. 
  • We carry out outgoing goods inspections and prepare a test report.  
  • We guarantee maximum availability and performance of our products.
  • With our service, you minimize safety risks.  
  • Our experts recognize impending damages at an early stage.
  • Our service personnel can rule out unnecessary repairs and subsequent damages. 
  • The costs for service and maintenance are transparent.

What we can do for you  


Our experts break down the product into individual parts and decide which can still be used. Sustainable business is a matter of course for us and a real cost factor for our customers.  


Please wash first! A highly modern cleaning machine takes care of this step for us. Once the products have been freed of residues, it’s time to get started. Now we’ll take a closer look.


We replace parts for you that no longer comply with all quality and safety criteria of a WEH® Product. Replacement and subsequent assembly are taken care of by our experts. Our service team knows every component, no matter how small, and works with state-of-the-art equipment.


When it comes to highly specialized analysis, we seek extra advice from expert laboratories. Our partners in this field enjoy our utmost trust. 

Guarantee & Warranty

Anyone who does good work is happy to offer a guarantee. And that’s the case with us. You can be sure that every product has been tested before it leaves our workshop. That’s why we are glad to take on responsibility and offer a quality guarantee.

Your voice matters

We could go on about the quality and security of our products for hours.
Because we are convinced of this. But what matters much more to us than our opinion in the end is your voice. 

“We have been relying on WEH® Products for more than 25 years and are very satisfied with the quality and service. The “Made in Germany” philosophy won us over. We know our contacts in all departments and can count on them at any time. In turn, we pass this service on to our customers each day!”

Martin Grimmer 
Managing Director/Sales 
BURDE.CO Präzisionsarmaturen GmbH 

“We use over 90 different couplings, and with WEH we receive fast and skilled support with fundamental technical matters and the necessary service in operations on top of that.”

Frank Fronzke
Managing Director
H2 Mobility

"Schwelm and WEH® have enjoyed a successful and cooperative relationship for more than 20 years. All maintenance tasks are always carried out to a high standard.
WEH® also offers quick and uncomplicated solutions as a competent contact partner.

Thorsten Arnold

Service Manager
Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH

We act in a resource-conserving manner

Resource management is a core topic for our business. At WEH, we are of the opinion that we contribute to making the world simpler, safer and cleaner.   

WEH® Products are made of high-quality materials that are also recyclable. This means that we reintroduce our materials back into circulation.  

For good reasons, we decided to obtain certification pursuant to ISO 14001: 

  • We want to do more for our environment. 
  • We aim to use resources cautiously and cost-effectively. 
  • We strive to rely even more on renewable energies.
  • We strive to reduce unavoidable waste and emissions (air pollution, wastewater, noise etc.). 
  • We want to show our customers that we do business sustainably. 

And now for the formalities​  

You would like to send your product to us for service or you have a complaint. We’ve got something prepared for you:
Please download the corresponding form, fill it out and enclose it with your shipment to us.

In order to facilitate planning and reduce processing times, feel free to also send the form to us in advance by email. 

Thank you for your support.

Service Form
Complaint form

Any more questions?  

Asking questions is the only way to make sure everything will work out to your satisfaction. In our FAQ section, we offer you some frequently asked questions and answers.

Maybe this will answer some of the questions you already have. Feel free to take a look. 

Questions & Answers

What maintenance intervals need to be observed for my product?

After 20,000 cycles or 3 years at the latest, depending on what happens first, starting from the date of delivery (invoice/ goods issue date by WEH or the distributor), your product must be sent to WEH for maintenance.
What does maintenance cost for my product? 
There is no general answer for this question that applies in all cases. The costs depend on the condition of the product on the one hand, and on the services you have selected/your service contract on the other hand. Please contact our service team directly.
Will I receive a cost breakdown in advance?

Depending on the service/service contract you have selected, you will receive a service offer from us in advance.
How long does it take to complete service work on the products?

You can depend on us to process your order as quickly as we can.The time this takes depends on the tasks or effort involved. We are also dependent on the availability of spare parts and other resources.
What does a standard maintenance of my product include?

The regular maintenance of your product always involves the following steps for us: Disassembly, cleaning, replacement of wear parts, installation, testing.
Why is it no longer possible to repair my product?

Even our high-quality products will have their best days behind them at some point. After 15 years in operation, we no longer offer service. Instead, we recommend you to acquire a new product. In this way, you can do justice to safety and quality requirements and stay on the safe side.
How can I tell how old my product is?

The manufacturing date is marked on your product. Generally, this is engraved. This date only tells you when the product was produced. For all topics relating to service, the date of purchase is authoritative. This can be found on your purchase receipt. 
What can I do to make my product work properly?

As a rule, the product has to be used according to its intended purpose (see Chapter 2 of the operating instructions). In order to maintain the product’s long service life, we also recommend that you perform smaller maintenance tasks yourself at regular intervals (see Chapter 9 and 10 of the operating instructions). By the way: You can access the operating instructions digitally at any time. Click here to download them: weh.com/operating-instructions
Where can I find the operating instructions?

The operating instructions are included with your product on delivery. If you no longer have the operating instructions, they are available to download directly from the product page on our website or on this overview page: weh.com/operating-instructions. Otherwise feel free to contact us directly: [email protected] 
Where can I get spare parts for my product?

You can request spare parts directly from our sales team. Contact: [email protected]. Please only use WEH original spare parts. This allows us to guarantee you the best possible quality and safety.
I have questions about inspections and lubrication for my product. What can I do?

You will find important information on inspecting and lubricating your product in the operating instructions. These are also available digitally: weh.com/operating-instructions
If you have any other questions, please contact our experts directly: [email protected].
What address should I send my product to?

Service Team
Josef-Henle-Straße 15
89257 Illertissen
What needs to be included with the shipment?

Please feel out the service or complaint form and enclose it with your shipment. Don’t forget to also include the delivery slip.
Can I hand over the products in person?

Of course, you can also bring your products to us in person. Please notify us in advance of your delivery: [email protected]

Service Team
Josef-Henle-Straße 15
89257 Illertissen
My product is not working properly. What can I do?

Please first proceed according to the operating instructions: Chapter "Troubleshooting". If this is unsuccessful, contact us directly: [email protected] 
What is the warranty period for WEH products?

Generally, the warranty period is 12 months starting from the date of dispatch. 
My device is defective and out of warranty. What can I do?

Please use the service form and enclose it with your shipment. Is your product still within the warranty period? To make returns, please use the complaint form and enclose it with your shipment.

We are happy to help 

Do you have specific questions that aren’t answered in our FAQ? Our service team would be happy to take care of your concerns.  

Get in touch with us: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!