Innovative WEH® Jaw locking mechanism

Connection in seconds

Screw connections often do not seal properly and cause leakage. WEH met this challenge 50 years ago and developed the WEH® Jaw locking mechanism to solve this problem.

The patented WEH Jaws revolutionised connection technology and provide many benefits:

  • Connection in seconds
    without hand tightening
  • Safe & pressure-tight connection
    Just push to connect
  • No tapes, no thread sealants

Save time and costs!

The leak-tight connection is established in seconds by a simple hand movement. Compared with traditional screw connectors, considerable cost and time reductions can be achieved.

A strong and safe connection
The jaw locking mechanism specially developed by WEH grips safely onto resp. into the various connection
configurations and is insensitive to impurities. The wear of the test piece is minimal in comparison with ball locking systems.

No tedious hand tightening
No complicated test devices

Additional Teflon tapes and screwdrivers are eliminated. This not only leads to protection of operators' joints, reduced connection times and cost and time reductions, but also to enhanced productivity.


Original WEH® Jaw locking mechanism

Today, a major part of the WEH® Connectors as well as all fueling nozzles for alternative fuels are equipped with the WEH® Jaw locking mechanism. Connectors are available for most diverse threads, bores, tube and hose connections.

Your benefits:

  • Connection in seconds
  • No tedious hand tightening
  • Reduced connection times
  • Time and cost savings
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Protection of operators' joints
  • Easy and comfortable handling