WEH® Connector TW108 for filling refrigerants in automotive air conditioning equipment - Product family

Connects to
Media Inlet B1
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The WEH® TW108 Filling Connector is a good reasonably priced alternative to the WEH® TW110 for leak-tight filling and evacuating during maintenance work of automotive air conditioning equipment acc. to SAE J639. Just push to connect and the pressure-tight connection to the external diameter Ø 11 of beads is established.

The TW108 service connector is rated for a max. operating pressure of 35 bar and has a colour coded sliding sleeve blue for the vehicle’s low pressure connection port and an inline media inlet UNF 5/8“-18 male thread (SAE J513-45°).

The integrated and flow-optimized shut-off valve prevents the escape of refrigerant which remains in the filling tube and can then be correctly disposed of. Connection and disconnection is effected by a simple movement of the sliding sleeve. RSI resulting in the inflammation of tendons and abrasion of joints caused by continuous screwing and unscrewing of threaded joints is thus eliminated. Compared to conventional screwed connectors, the TW108 features ease of operation saving costs and time.

Max. allowable operating pressure PS
35 bar (510 psi)
Temperature range
-10 °C up to +80 °C
Manual actuation via sliding sleeve
With integrated shut-off valve
Brass and anodized aluminium
Sealing material
Front seal of HNBR
Marketing Features
  • Connection in seconds
  • High-grade materials
  • No hand tightening required
  • Reduces connection times and costs
  • Versions for high or low pressure connection ports available
  • WEH® Jaw Locking Mechanism

Quick connector for filling and evacuating refrigerants during maintenance of automotive air conditioning equipment acc. to SAE J639.

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