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How to save time and money

The WEH® TW751 Quick connector has been developed for function- and pressure testing of externally threaded manometers up to a max. pressure (PN) of 1000 bar. Tedious hand tightening is no longer needed and intricate testing devices are a thing of the past. In comparison to threaded connections there are significant time and cost reductions due to the efficient handling of WEH® Connectors. It is also ideal for automated test procedures.

The connector is characterised by its robust design and ease of operation. The connection procedure is quite simple:
Activate the pilot pressure, so that the sealing disc retracts. Afterwards pull back the grip sleeve - the clamping jaws spread apart and the test piece can be inserted. Push the grip sleeve completely forward - the clamping jaws lock the test piece. Relieve the pilot pressure - the sealing disc moves forward and reliably seals the connection. Testing can now proceed.

The WEH® TW751 quick coupling is equipped with a NBR front seal. Other sealing materials on request. It is the customer‘s responsibility to clarify the media compatibility.

Pilot pressure
5 - 8 bar (75 - 120 psi)
Temperature range
+5 °C up to +60 °C
Manual actuation via grip sleeve or pneumatic actuation
Corrosion resistant stainless steel and brass
Sealing material
Marketing Features
  • Automation possible
  • Increased productivity & Cost reductions
  • Compact design
  • Connection in seconds
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-grade materials
  • No hand tightening required
  • WEH® Jaw Locking Mechanism

Quick connector for pressure and function testing of manometers with male thread. Suitable for automated testing systems.

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