WEH® Connector TW102 for filling and evacuating of gas cylinders with male thread with medical oxygen, loop actuation, max. 250 bar

The WEH® Gas Filling Connector TW102 for gas cylinder valves with male thread and pressure regulator provides a pressure-tight connection in seconds. The split collet design system locks securely onto the cylinder valve thread and seals tightly.
The residual pressure valve on the gas cylinder valve opens pneumatically. On request the opening can also be effected manually via hand lever.

This WEH® Quick Connector is available for gas cylinder valves acc. to DIN, BS, NF, CGA etc.
Connectors for oxygen applications are oxygen cleaned and free of oil and grease.

Max. allowable operating pressure PS
250 bar (3,600 psi)
Pilot pressure
6 - 8 bar (90 - 120 psi) (for opening residual pressure valve)
Temperature range
+5 °C up to +60 °C (O₂)
Medical oxygen
Leak rate
1 x 10-3 mbar x l/s
Incl. adaptor and RPV pin
Corrosion resistant stainless steel and brass
Sealing material
Conformity / Tests / Approvals
Type approval for suitability against adiabatic compression available
Marketing Features
  • Compact design
  • Connection in seconds
  • Easy to connect
  • For gas cylinders with male thread and pressure regulator
  • High-grade materials
  • No hand tightening required
  • WEH® Jaw Locking Mechanism

Quick Connector for filling and evacuating of gas cylinders with male thread and pressure regulator.

CAD Files
Data sheets
Data sheet EN 320 KB
Data sheet DE 307 KB
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