WEH® Breakaway Coupling TSA30-S1 H₂ 70 MPa


WEH® Breakaway coupling for hydrogen fueling stations for direct installation at the dispenser

The breakaway coupling is installed directly on the dispenser. In the event of unexpected tensile forces, such as a vehicle driving away with a connected fueling nozzle, the TSA30-S1 H2 70 MPa separates the connection between the dispenser and hose in a controlled manner. Both sides are sealed pressure-tight directly after breakaway and therefore damage to the vehicle and the dispenser can be prevented as far as possible.

The max. operating pressure of 96.25 MPa offers even more safety. If there is a malfunction, the safety valve of the dispenser opens at a pressure of 96.25 MPa. This high pressure can also reach the breakaway coupling, but the TSA30-S1 H2 70 MPa can withstand this pressure perfectly.

In the event of a breakaway, the base unit can be reused - no factory servicing is necessary. Only the receptacle insert needs to be replaced or serviced. Therefore we offer a replacement receptacle insert, to avoid downtime at the dispenser.

The WEH® Breakaway coupling consists of a base unit and a receptacle insert. The integrated fi lter ensures clean fi ltered hydrogen and thus prevents damage caused by dirt ingress.

The TSA30-S1 H2 70 MPa is suitable for use with pre-cooled hydrogen.

Nominal bore (DN)
8 mm
Pressure range
PN = 70 MPa | PS = 96.25 MPa
Media temperature range
-40 °C up to +85 °C
Ambient temperature range
-40 °C up to +85 °C
Breakaway force
220 - 1,000 N
Corrosion resistant stainless steel
Sealing material
Hydrogen resistant
With filter (5 μm)
Conformity / Tests / Approvals
Tested acc. To ISO 19880-3
Part no.
Marketing Features
  • Integrated filter (5 μm)
    -> for clean filtered hydrogen
  • Short and compact design
  • Increased breakaway force in compliance with ISO 19880-3
  • The base unit can be re-used after a breakaway
    -> no factory re-servicing required
  • Receptacle inserts are available as spare parts
    -> no downtimes following a breakaway
  • Easy installation directly on the dispenser
  • Enhanced safety
    -> operating pressure up to max. 96.25 MPa

Breakaway coupling for hydrogen fueling stations for direct installation at the dispenser.

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