WEH® Pressure Relief Module TVS21 for mounting into pressure plants to protect the vacuum pump, for venting to the outside, for inert/flammable gases, threaded connection, M24x2


Vacuum pressure relief module for venting to the outside for vacuum pump protection

The WEH® TVS21 Vacuum pressure relief module is designed to protect components operated under vacuum such as vacuum pumps, sensors etc. from overpressure. If, for example, a vacuum pump is installed in a pressure system which has a significantly higher pressure than the allowable operating pressure of the vacuum pump, the WEH® TVS21 protects the pump from damage by safely venting the overpressure via hose to the atmosphere. Even short-term inlet pressures up to 420 bar are safely relieved in the TVS21 pressure relief module up to an overpressure of 0.2 bar in the outlet to the vacuum pump.

Suitable for pressure systems with a maximum inlet pressure of 420 bar and a nominal bore of up to 12 mm.

Various adaptors for inlet ‘B1’ are available for connecting the vacuum pressure relief module to the system.

Nominal bore (DN)
12 mm
Temperature range
+5 °C up to +60 °C
Max. inlet pressure at inlet B1
420 bar
Max. outlet pressure at outlet B2
0.2 bar
inert gases
Stainless steel, brass
Sealing material
Copper, EPDM
Part no.
Marketing Features
  • High-grade materials
  • Effective protection of/under vacuum operated components such as vacuum pumps; sensors; etc.
  • Version for inert gases
  • Simple design
  • Easily integrated into filling plants
  • Retrofittable due to simple construction
  • Easy to dismantle - easy to clean
  • Venting to the atmosphere

Vacuum pressure relief module with venting to the atmosphere, for installation in pressure systems to protect the vacuum pump, such as in gas mixing and control plants with vacuum function, which among other things require protection in front of the vacuum pump.

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