WEH® Filter TSF2 CNG - Product family

for CNG fueling stations 

Contaminants in the gas flow can enter the media flow during refueling. These dirt particles in the natural gas fuel may cause damage to the sealing components.

WEH, therefore, offers CNG filters for clean natural gas. Solid particles are captured reliably.

The filter element can be removed and is re-usable after having been cleaned.

The TSF2 CNG filter is mainly used for fueling stations and dispensers.

Nominal bore (DN)
Depending on design
Pressure range
PN = 200 bar (3,000 psi) | PS = 300 bar
Temperature range
-40 °C up to +85 °C
Corrosion resistant stainless steel
Sealing material
Natural gas resistant
Incl. fittings (only for check valves with tube fitting)
Filter element
40 μm
Conformity / Tests / Approvals
ECE approval on request
Marketing Features
  • Filter insert can be cleaned
  • For CNG free of impurities
  • For installation onboard CNG vehicles and in fueling stations

Filter for installation onboard CNG vehicles and in fueling stations. Only use filters with ECE approval for fitment in road legal vehicles.

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