WEH® Flange Valve TVR2, stainless steel, FFKM, DN 25 mm

Flange valve for installation in chemical plants
Chemical plants are working with aggressive media requiring special materials resisting this media. In addition, customers increasingly demand high leak tightness.

WEH solution: Use of stainless steel and special sealings to resist the highly aggressive media. The flange connections of the customer have been taken into consideration when designing this special connector to enable direct installation in the lines.
Nominal bore (DN)
25 mm
Max. allowable operating pressure PS
50 bar (725 psi)
Cracking pressure PC
approx. 0.1 bar - 0.5 bar
Temperature range
+20 °C up to +70 °C
Housing material
Stainless steel
Sealing material
Part no.
Marketing Features
  • Tailor-made according to customers‘ specifications
Flange valve for installation in chemical plants
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