Threading Tools

baromax threading tools allow a clean, guided cutting of threads on high-pressure tubing.

The long handles allow a fatigue-free work with little effort.

Available for the three commonly used tubing sizes in the field of high-pressure applications: 1/4'', 3/8'' and 9/16''.

To achieve a good quality thread you have to apply a good amount of threading paste. We recommend our threading paste 710-00-04-80 specifically for use with high-strength steels, such as those used in high-pressure technology.

Of course we can provide you with suitable replacement dies and thread ring gauges for checking the threads.

Instructions for wokring high-pressure connections with baromax tools can be found in the tab "Media".

Product variants:

  • Tubing OD [Thread]: 1/4" (6,35 mm) [1/4''-28 UNF LH]
  • Tubing OD [Thread]: 3/8" (9,52 mm) [3/8''-24 UNF LH]
  • Tubing OD [Thread]: 9/16" (14,28 mm) [9/16''-18 UNF LH]
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