Manual Spindle Pumps

Manual spindle pumps are used, if a simple, inexpensive, yet accurate way for generating high pressures in small volumes is required.
Key applications include laboratories and workshops e.g. for testing or calibration as well as experimental purposes. Due to the light weight and compact size, manual spindle presses are ideal for mobile applications and tasks as well.
baromax manual spindle pumps convince with ease of movement and durability. Four sturdy handles reduce the required force and allow ergonomic working. With the built-in position indicator, the position of the piston is always recognizable.
There are different versions available depending on the media, temperature and structure of the pressure system. Standard sizes are:
Pressure [bar] Volume [ml]
160 157
250 101
400 61
700 39
1000 25
1600 14
2500 10
4000 6
7000 6
10000 3
Of course, we also offer complete systems e.g. in combination with (calibrated) pressure measurement or as a transportable unit.
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