Hydraulic Intensifiers

Hydraulic intensifier, also referred to as "boosters", are used for generating high pressure in liquids and gases. A "conventional" medium pressure hydraulic system with about 200 to 450 bar serves as drive.

Due to the significantly better efficiency of hydraulic drives compared to a pneumatic drive, hydraulic driven pressure intensifiers are especially to be used for applications with regular operation, like production systems. Main applications are hydroforming, waterjet-cutting, isostatic presses for the production of ceramics, as well as chemical and food processing.

Depending on the application's needs also other media than normal hydraulic oil may be used on the drive side. Also, a complete separation of the pistons by interposed spacers is possible. This avoids even minimal contamination of the product - for example, for applications in food or pharmaceuticals.

baromax pressure intensifiers can be offered as stand-alone solution or can be adapted to and integrated specifically into your systems.

Our hydraulic intensifier are available for different pressure ranges. Contact us in order to find the optimum for your purpose solution.

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