High Pressure Tubing, stainless steel

Seamless cold drawn high-pressure stainless steel tubing

Our high-pressure tubings in seamless stainless steel are manufactured according to our specifications.

Please select the required size based on operating pressure and orifice.

High-pressure tubings are available in lengths from 6 - 7 m, but you can also order any shorter lengths. Upon request, we also cut larger orders with a different length. Thus the transportation is simplified, so that accordingly apply lower shipping costs.
Longer dimensions of tubing are available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us at ny time.

To increase the life and fatigue resistance, we offer to autofrettage high-pressure tubings and high-pressure components. This is particularly recommended for severe or frequent pressure variations. The autofrettage always includes high-pressure connections.

High-pressure connections can be manufactured by yourself, for example using our threading- and coning tools. We also deliver ready to use tubing with high-pressure connections, so called nipples.

We also manufacture pre-finished pipe spirals according to your drawings or samples. Feel free to contact us.

Important: High-pressure tubing loses significantly in strength when heating over 600 ° C and must therefore neither be bent nor welded or soldered.

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