WEH® Test Connectors
The pioneering solution for battery tests

The fast-growing electromobility market is set to place major new demands simultaneously on the leak testing of batteries.

The fast-growing electromobility market is set to place major new demands simultaneously on the leak testing of batteries. WEH® Test Connectors are well able to face this challenge, having proved themselves already to be the ideal tool for efficient and cost-effective leak testing.

Leak testing forms part of a great many production processes as a quality assurance method. It has proven its effectiveness in many branches of industry, especially when used in monitoring production processes in series manufacturing. Efficiency, quality and speed are key factors in leak testing. These three key elements directly affect a fourth factor: cost.

The advance of the electromobility sector brings with it a range of new requirements for automotive manufacturers. High-voltage batteries are a key component in the industry. As a result, the market for battery testing stations is growing at the same time, as batteries need to be tested for leak tightness both during development and at the end of the production line.

And battery packs in electrical vehicles need to be tested for loss of refrigerant and for leak tightness against fluids. Each individual battery cell has to be effectively protected against atmospheric humidity getting into it and against fluids. Standard test procedures for this purpose include helium and vacuum testing.

WEH® Test Connectors are already in widespread use in this promising future market and have proven their value in the widest possible variety of applications in the electromobility sector.
Though electrical drive systems have fewer components than internal combustion engines, the testing effort they require is considerable. Battery housings, electrical drives, aluminium boxes containing lithium ion batteries and cooling jackets for electric motors are all among the parts that need to be checked for leak tightness.
And WEH® Test Connectors are also used in leak testing solar batteries installed in private homes and commercial applications.

The ability to make pressure-tight and leak-free connections in seconds without having to laboriously screw connections on and off results in reduced connection times, increased productivity, culminating in lower costs. WEH® Test Connectors unite these key factors, which means that they have been used for many years in the widest possible range of industrial sectors.