The World at Our Doorstep

WEH is an internationally successful company. This is not new. However, a truly international atmosphere filled our corridors at the end of September. Why? For four days, we had visitors from all over the world: the WEH sales partners. More than 60 guests from 24 countries.
Reunion & Getting to Know Each Other

Reunion & Getting to Know Each Other

Four days are almost too short. They are too short to exchange ideas both professionally and personally, to engage in conversations with WEH employees from Illertissen and other sales partners from around the world. There are so many stories to tell, and so much expertise to share.

That was the idea behind our sales partner meeting: to facilitate exchange between the headquarters and our international colleagues. After all, such a gathering has been a few years in the making.

The kickoff of our sales partner meeting was all about personal interaction. During a relaxed get-together with shared dinners at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Ulm, many interesting conversations already took place. Employees from Illertissen met with international partners they have been working with for many years and have seen on a few occasions.

But there were also first encounters: New WEH employees got to know the sales partners who make our products known all over the world. One new addition was definitely 'Bella,' the dog, who was allowed to accompany her owners, our sales partners from Denmark, to Germany. She was undoubtedly one of the stars of the meeting and the group photo.

Focusing on Our Product Portfolio

Focusing on Our Product Portfolio

The workshop day placed the spotlight on our products. Through a "Look & Feel" approach, sales partners were able to get a close look at our product worlds.

Teams from the Product Management, Development, and Sales departments took guests through the creation of new products, project workflows, and specific requirements from various industries.

The collection of ideas on how to boost sales undoubtedly left some participants feeling empowered and inspired.

No matter which products or projects are being discussed within the WEH family, two things always take priority: quality and safety. Our company has been standing for that for 50 years now. It starts with procurement and certainly doesn't end with service.

These values will guide us into the future. Wolfgang Weh, CEO and son of the founding couple, emphasized the importance of a values-based management style in his address. Since the summer, the company's management has been reinforced by Anton Halbich as CEO, who took the opportunity of the international meeting to introduce himself personally to all partners and announce his on-site visits to the home countries of our guests.

Work Comes First, Fun Follows

Work Comes First, Fun Follows

Those who work together can also celebrate success together. WEH is successful, and especially in this year, as we celebrate 50 years of company history, there are good reasons to celebrate together.

At the conclusion of the sales partner meeting, we invited our guests from around the world to Munich. The Oktoberfest is a global magnet for people. For our sales partners, the trip to the Wiesn was an absolute highlight. There was plenty of celebration in the Löwenbräu tent and around it. It was the perfect way to wrap up the four-day meeting.

We thank everyone who contributed to making the international sales partner meeting a success and for the interesting and entertaining days we shared. Until next time!

Would you like to join us as a sales partner at the next meeting? All the important information can be found here: WEH Partnership Opportunities: Shaping a Future of Success Together

We look forward to welcoming new members to the WEH family!