Safe and easy defueling for natural gas with WEH® Defueling nozzles

Defueling or emptying CNG cylinders bundles (e.g. for trailers) is a frequent challenge for service technicians.

Defueling or emptying CNG cylinders bundles (e.g. for trailers) is a frequent challenge for service technicians. Service staff must be sufficiently trained to ensure that the procedure is performed properly and safely.

When it comes to emptying CNG tanks, a distinction is made between emergency defueling and defueling for maintenance purposes, such as for repairs to the natural gas tank.

The defueling nozzle TK23 CNG by WEH was designed for this particular purpose and it is ideal for emptying cylinder bundles, that means for discharging CNG from cylinder bundles.
The nozzles are equipped with push-pull actuation and the unique WEH® Jaw locking
mechanism for extra-easy operation.

Simply attach the nozzle to the receptacle and push the sliding sleeve to the front to create a pressure-tight connection.
Now open the shutoff device behind the receptacle and defueling can begin. The plastic thermal covering protects service technicians’ hands against frostbite.

The defueling nozzles TK6 CNG for passenger cars and TK21 CNG for busses and trucks are available for defueling CNG tanks within vehicles.
The defueling nozzles are used for maintenance and inspection of natural gas vehicles.
All pressure and fuel tanks must be emptied for any maintenance measures. Defueling
nozzles by WEH® have proven to be the ideal tool for this purpose.

Defueling takes place via the vehicle’s fueling connection. Simply attach the defueling nozzle to the receptacle, turn the opening spindle until it stops and the receptacle is pushed open. Now the fuel tanks can be emptied via the medium outlet at the side.

Of course, WEH also provides a comprehensive product portfolio for natural gas refueling, ranging from fueling nozzles, breakaways and filters for fueling stations through to receptacles and check valves for vehicles.