Flow Control Redefined: WEH Check Valves

When something is small, it can still accomplish a significant and crucial task. Just like our check valves. They meet the highest standards and are used wherever fluids are allowed to flow in only one direction, with the other direction being completely sealed off.

Versatility is in Demand

The WEH Check Valves are employed in numerous industries worldwide. They are especially important in general mechanical engineering involving CNC and plant manufacturing and in microwave systems, but are also used by pump and compressor manufacturers and in water treatment plants.

Furthermore, they also find their application in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, medical technology (such as in autoclaves), conveyor technology, or even in the automotive industry (AdBlue® applications).

In the gas sector, for installation in gas mixing systems, pipelines, and withdrawal points, they are used as backflow protection and reliable safeguards against the formation of unintended gas mixtures.

Furthermore, in refueling with natural gas or hydrogen, robust check valves are sought after, which are integrated into passenger cars, buses, trucks, as well as refueling stations. For all these industries, we at WEH have found excellent solutions upon which our customers can rely. However, we are also specialists in custom solutions. Please inquire, as we are happy to collaboratively develop the fitting product.

Capable of Meeting Any Requirement

Capable of Meeting Any Requirement

For over 50 years, WEH has been synonymous with quality and safety. This is the trust our customers rely on. Our check valves, like all WEH products, are subject to strict quality control.

When it comes to pressure, we are the experts. Our check valves are usable within the range of 0 to 300 bar, depending on the series.

Across six product families, we offer valves with various pressure ranges, connection types, housing materials, and nominal bores.

As an example, consider our stainless steel valves from the TVR2 product family. They are highly tight, robust, durable, and low-noise. These all-rounders are available in both standard and custom solutions with different connection ports.

From stainless steel to brass, from female threads to flanges, with nominal bores ranging from 3 to 50 mm. The diversity of our catalog products is already extensive. Should customers have applications and requirements beyond these, we are more than willing to think innovatively and develop. Our flexibility stands as one of the significant advantages for our customers.

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