CNG Refueling
Bridging technology gaining ground

The German federal government’s National Climate Protection Program 2030 is a hot topic right now.

The German federal government’s National Climate Protection Program 2030 is a hot topic right now. The aim is to reduce emissions, specifically in the traffic sector, by 40 to 42 percent in comparison with 1990 values.

To date, approximately 200,000 electric vehicles have been registered in Germany. That amounts to around 0.5 percent of all vehicles. This low percentage of electromobility will not be sufficient to reach the climate goals set out.Vehicles powered by natural gas will therefore play a central role and serve as a technology to bridge the gap. The federal legislature has guaranteed the provision of subsidies for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) until 2026.

CNG drives also offer important benefits. With approximately 900 CNG filling stations across Germany, full-area coverage is ensured. The actual fueling process takes only a few minutes to complete, unlike a full charge for an electric vehicle. Legacy combustion engines can be refitted relatively cost-effectively with a hybrid drive system that can utilise natural gas as well as petrol.

Additionally, CNG vehicles can also process bio-gas, making them climate-neutral without CO2 emissions.

CNG Refueling of busses and trucks with WEH® Fuelling Nozzle TK26 CNG

The ADAC, a prominent automobile club in Germany, has classed natural gas-powered vehicles as particularly eco-friendly. In the compact car category, the greenhouse gas emissions for these vehicles are lower than for electric vehicles when calculated over their entire lifecycle (utilising the federal electricity mix).

As a world market leader and pioneer for alternative fuelling components, WEH has offered a comprehensive range of products for natural gas refuelling for many years - from fuelling nozzles, breakaways and filters for fuelling stations to receptacles and check valves for CNG cars, trucks and buses.
The product portfolio is supplemented with fuelling systems that allow the retrofitting of legacy vehicles for natural gas refuelling.
WEH refuelling components are highly successful on the market due to their reliability, efficiency, superior safety and outstanding functionality.

WEH also offers a complete product line for hydrogen refuelling as a response to the new key technology of fuel cells.