Celebrating while thinking of others - WEH donates 10,515 euros

The Christmas holidays are coming up and we also conclude our anniversary year now, but not without handing over our annual donations. The WEH heart's desires 2023.

Our employees have decided: € 10,000 goes to their top five

When it comes to donations at WEH, it's a grassroots democratic process. Every employee can initially make donation suggestions or speak out in favor of an existing suggestion. In the final round of voting, everyone can vote once. This has resulted in the top five choices of our workforce.

Each one of the top five receivs € 2,000. 

And these are the heart's desires for 2023:

  • Children's Hospice St. Nikolaus Bad Grönenbach
  • Radio 7 Drachenkinder 
  • ERAL (Right to Live - Help for Dogs in Need e.V.)
  • Katzenhilfe Laupheim (Cat Aid Laupheim)
  • Illertissen Tafel (Illertissen Food Bank)
Fundraising during our company Christmas party

Fundraising during our company Christmas party

WEH was a guest at the Wiley Club in Neu-Ulm for the second time this year. During the companys Christmas party, an additional € 515 was collected at the bar, which will also be donated.
This amount goes to the Ulm animal shelter, which we have been happy to support for several years. 

Marketing Manager Markus Martin and his assistant, Nicole Bissinger, have been on the road to hand over the donation checks.

“It is a great feeling to meet the people behind the organizations and associations personally and to sense how crucial their work is. Seeing the local hardships makes me sad every time. What deeply impresses me is the amount of personal time volunteers invest in their heartfelt projects“, says Markus Martin. 

€ 10,515 for a good cause

We significantly increased the amount of donations in our anniversary year. Before Christmas, a total of € 10,515 was transferred to the aforementioned organizations in the region.
These are almost € 3,000 more than in 2022. 
We are grateful to be able to help and are happy to do so. 

Despite intensive celebrations for our 50th birthday, we have not forgotten to help and to target benefits at those people and animals most in need.