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The world’s first hydrogen train equipped with WEH® H2 Receptacles

The world's first hydrogen powered train for regional transport was presented at Inno-Trans 2016 in Berlin in September.


WEH GmbH also played its part in the project.The “Coradia iLint” hydrogen-fuelled train developed by French train builder Alstom is equipped with the latest generation of WEH® TN1 H2 350 bar Receptacles.

The “Coradia iLint” is a zero CO2 emission regional train, one of whose chief additional benefits is its low-noise level in operation. A fuel cell on the roof carries the vehicle’s hydrogen fuel, which the train converts into electrical energy to power its drive motors.

As a world market leader and pioneer of alternative refuelling components, WEH is a respected and reliable partner in the development of alternative vehicles and in many innovative H2 projects worldwide.


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