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Fast & Easy Leak Testing of Expanded Tubes

It can be a common problem when leak testing components that the connection between test piece and connector is not leak-tight. The resulting downtime increases operating costs by slowing down production.


So pressure-tight connections are essential in fluid handling systems when sealing for pressure and function testing in order to maintain high quality assurance standards. Finding the ideal 'solution' is not always easy.

Safe, reliable leak tight connections are of the utmost importance, especially when sealing tubes with expanded end profiles. Most systems will seal swaged tube ends from the outside. As the contours & surface finish of the expanded tube ends may vary substantially (sometimes they can even be irregular), the risk of leakage is very high.

With this application particularly in mind WEH engineers developed the TW231 with an extended body allowing it to seal inside the tube.
Thanks to the extended body, the connector reliably seals behind the tube end profile, thus avoiding an unsafe connection to the profile itself and ensuring a safe and pressuretight connection.

The quick connector is designed for internal tube diameters ranging from 9.5 mm to 22.2 mm. The tube profile should not exceed 29.5 mm.

The TW231 features a clamping lever actuation offering ease of operation. The integrated jaw locking mechanism allows for connection to the internal tube diameter in just seconds - without tedious hand tightening.
By using the TW231 you will benefit not only from reduced connection times, but also the protection of operators‘ joints thanks to wrist-friendly operation. Both of these benefits achieve increased productivity and significant cost savings.

Because the TW231 remains securely located in the test piece during testing the need for costly mountings is eliminated. Consistent with WEH‘s high safety standards, operation is safe up to a maximum pressure of 70 bar.

The quick connector is ideally suited for leak testing of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, valves, compressors, air conditioning and heating systems and many other components in the refrigeration and climate control industry. It can also be used for many applications in the automotive industry.

The WEH product range includes many other test connectors for sealing internal tube profiles.
In addition, we also provide connectors for external sealing onto tubes and many other connection configurations.


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