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Gas Processing - Quick Connectors for compressed gas filling

Gas Processing

Connection to your gas cylinder valve in seconds
Just PUSH to connect

WEH offers quick couplers for filling and evacuating inert gases and medical oxygen for a wide range of connection standards - DIN, CGA 540, CGA 580, CGA 870, NF, BS, etc.
A solution is available for almost any gaseous application where a connection is needed:

  • Internal or external threads
  • With or without residual pressure valves
  • Bores
  • Pin-Index system

  • Connection in seconds directly to the cylinder valve thread
  • Fast and easy sleeve, lever or loop handle actuation
  • Integrated safety peg preventing disconnection under pressure
  • Unique WEH® Jaw locking mechanism
  • No hand tightening
  • No tapes or thread sealants needed
  • Compact design
  • High-grade materials

With WEH Connectors connection to bulk filling systems and automated cylinder filling systems becomes time and cost saving thus improving efficiency. Quick release couplings for testing and transportation of gas cylinders as well as filling rigs complete the product range.
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Improve efficiency in gas filling applications with WEH® Compressed Gas Connectors
Quick couplers for safe and efficient gas bottle filling with industrial and medical gases, CO2, medical oxygen, etc. for a large variety of standards, e.g DIN, BS, NF, CGA 540, CGA 580, CGA 510, CGA 320, CGA 870, CGA 910, CGA 940, etc.
Screw connectors can easily be refurbished or replaced.
WEH Quick Connects minimize downtime and simplify connection procedures.
WEH® Gas Couplings are specifically designed for heavy duty and high volume filling requirements. Quick connect and disconnect to male and female threads, pin index yoke fill, RPV and many more end configurations. Bundle filling and rack filling possible. WEH® Gas Couplings are simple to connect to any whip, whip connection ports may be either straight or 90° angle.

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