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Connector | CLICKMATE™ TW154 for twin cylinder packs
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Quick connector for filling twin cylinder packs 200/300 bar for direct connection to the filling hose

A special version of the WEH® CLICKMATE™ TW154 filling connector enables easy filling of rigidly mounted twin cylinder packs. Normally the filling hose has to be screwed manually into the cylinder valve, but now the screw connectors used can be replaced with the CLICKMATE™ TW154 connector. The lateral 90° media inlet of the CLICKMATE™ TW154 enables the connector to be easily positioned within the carrying handle of the cylinder pack and then connected to the cylinder valve. An integrated swivel joint helps to align the WEH connector to the valve, thus eliminating hose twisting. The CLICKMATE™ TW154 uses the split collet thread design that locks securely onto standard threads of cylinder valves. Connection is made by lowering the actuation loop through 90° which locks the split collet jaws into the cylinder valve and actuates the sealing piston. An integrated safety mechanism prevents disconnection under pressure.

CLICKMATE™ TW154 is available for 200 bar systems (designated by a black lever) and 300 bar systems (designated by a red lever).

All connector designs are in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED97/23/EC and are subjected to 100,000 cycles of extensive pressure and durability tests prior to their introduction to the product range.


  • Suitable for rigidly mounted twin cylinder packs
  • 90° media inlet
  • Quick connection in seconds without screwing
  • Improved ergonomics